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Griffin5.4 is a Drone Photography Company. If you need to present your product or event in a different way, if you need precision aerial imagery, if you want to save money and be more time efficient, why not call us? The concept of Griffin5.4 as a service company was born in the wilds of Africa and the chaos of former conflict zones in the Middle East. We delivered actionable intelligence (drone imagery) to International partners & clients that specialise in the removal of Explosive Remnants of War and Improvised Explosive Devices from the Battlefield. As ex Soldiers, we pride ourselves on being able to get the job done, professionally and within the limitations set by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). We offer professional aerial drone photography of real estate, agriculture, energy utilities, construction sites, adventure sport activities, nature photography, archeological survey, storm damage, tunnel inspections, industrial roof inspection, search & rescue assistance, aerial 2D & 3D mapping, solar farm inspections, environmental compliance, building compliance and emergency planning assistance.
Spot the landmines on the picture?
The Sky’s the limit...

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Services Offered

On the Photographic Menu


Crop and agriculture surveillance

Crop viability & environmental damage

Industries of all types are getting a good deal of help from the use of drones.  Crop inspection, for instance, is one of the most compelling solutions that is being used on a regular basis in regard to drones.  Crop damage from rodents, rain, wind and poor hydration are all expensive detrimental factors for the Farmer. Luckily all of these can rapidly and competently accessed from the the air and passed directly to the Farmer/land owner.

Golf Course

What You Need

Great to view a Golf Course from the air and a chance to study the fairways, bunkers, collection areas, elevated greens, putting greens and driving ranges.  9 & 18 hole course flyovers.

Golf Field

Construction Industry Support

Simple way to access progress and conduct Quality Control

Griffin 5.4 Professional Drone Imagery offers this service to clients at a very reasonable rate.  Support to Construction Project Managers and Construction Quality control teams, this capability  can be used to advise on weekly, monthly construction progress for Clients and Senior Stake holders.

Nature Photography

What You Need

Many clients approach Griffin 5.4 Professional Drone Imagery with requests to capture the special moments of their lives. As an experienced Drone Photographer, this professional understands how much people have going on in their lives, which is why they aim to make Nature Photography as easy as possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of your questions or special requests.

Horeshoe Canyon
Rural Village

Residential Photography

Naturally Beautiful

Griffin 5.4 Professional Drone Imagery offers this service to clients at a very reasonable rate. They understand that this type of photography is a necessity for those just starting in the professional world, so they make sure it’s available at a price that makes sense. Get in touch if you’d like to try this service or keep browsing through the list of what’s available.

Storm Damage & Roof tile & gutter inspections

No scaffolding needed

Older buildings, steep roofs, thatched roofs, industrial units and Church Spires can be susceptible to adverse weather from winds and rain.  Griffin 5.4 offers a rapid photographic inspection service, these images (still or 4k video) can be sent directly to the Insurer for further assessment without the need to commission expensive scaffolding.


Quotes & Price Plans

Quality aerial drone imagery and reasonable prices

All of our drone photography and filming work is priced on a per job basis as there are so many variables. However, we would be happy to hear about your project and send you a quote. Factors to bear in mind that affect price are: 

  • Location

  • Flight time required to capture the footage.

  • The operating environment (obstacles, congested area, roads, restrictions...)

  • Which drones and cameras are required for the project

  • Whether it is photography and/or filming required

  • Editing/post-production requirements if an

Please include as many of the above points as possible when contacting us.

We undertake a detailed task and risk assessment prior to every commission. This allows us to consider all operating and legal issues that need to be taken into account - for example, operations in congested areas may require additional permissions and personnel. We investigate the surrounding areas, we search for obstacles, potential hazards.

If you require periodic aerial imagery whether monthly or weekly, we do offer special prices for such projects. Please contact us for further details or quotes.

Below is an outline of how we divide our project packages:


Free Consultation

Pre-deployment assessment, On-site survey

HD Quality Photography



Free Consultation

Pre-deployment assessment, On-site survey

Up to 4K aerial filming



From storyboard, edition, colour grading to voice overs & soundtrack

User access for previews

Options for final media output



Weekly or Monthly bookings

Construction and Planning

Surveys, Inspections, Maintenance

Video and photography options


Our Equipment

We take special care in maintaining our equipment to be able to provide a safe service to our clients, and with the very best and latest technology we are always current to the developments to help provide an excellent service.



Up to 4K aerial filming, H264 - H265, MP4 MOV

The latest small but very capable drone by DJI, with fantastic photographic and video specifications.


Drone - Inspire 1

NDVI / Thermal / Zoom

Ideal for agriculture, industrial, infrastructure or maintenance projects.



20MP, H264, H265, Cinema DNG 5.2k, ProRes 4K

One or two operators, ideal for special professional projects.

RAW uncompressed video, 


For various film and photography projects

MFT camera 7.5mm to 45mm lenses (15mm to 90mm / 35mm equivalent)


3 Mariners View, Gillingham ME7 2RW, UK


Aerial Lake House